The J/7 Romance Gallery
by Tenderware

My foray into fan art was inspired by the absolutely gorgeous J/7 binary artwork created by PB at The Pink Rabbit Consortium. I was so awed by her images that I read her artwork FAQ, bought myself a graphics tablet on eBay, and then started dabbling and experimenting, as she suggested. I still haven't been able to emulate her smooth textures, but I think I'm in the midst of developing a style of my own.....heavy on the brush strokes. To PB, thank you, thank you. To everyone else, please go visit Pink Rabbit if you haven't already: it's a real treat.

The Dark Frontier portrait is my first, and I've since begun a J/7 Pulp Fiction Cover Art Series.  Hope you enjoy these images.

Please Note:  My appropriation of Star Trek characters and of images of the actors portraying them is meant as a celebration of J/7 subtext. No disrespect is intended, and I hope none will be taken. I have produced and distributed this artwork without profit to me and purely for the enjoyment of visitors to my site. This artwork isn't authorized or endorsed by Paramount, Kate Mulgrew, or Jeri Ryan. (Please refer to the disclaimer below for more information.)

(Click for larger image)
No. 1, "Dark Frontier"
 dfp.jpg (40.6 kb) 11/30/99
No. 2, "Slumber"
j7slumber.jpg (27.7 kb) 2/29/00
No. 3, "Prelude"
prelude.jpg (33 kb) 3/22/00

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