A List of Sites on Lesbian Film and TV Projects That Could Use our Support:


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Baby Tomata Productions

This is writer/director Paula Goldberg's site, with lots of info on her past and upcoming projects. Paula emailed me to say some very nice things about my pulp-fiction book covers and told me a little bit about herself and her work in the process. I checked out her work and was grateful to discover her wondering independent film "Traveling Companion," which is part of the video anthology Companions, available from Wolfe Video. If you like lesbian shorts, check out Paula's work. If you like short lesbians, email me <g>.
Ladyhawke Productions
A production company dedicated to women-oriented projects. These wonderful people are currently developing Missy ("Merwolf") Good's Tropical Storm into a feature length film. I've been reading Xena and Xena uber fanfic lately, and the geek in me has fallen in love with Missy's Dar and Kerry series. Oh yes, I love that Dar and Kerry are offshoots of the Xena and Gabrielle archetypes, and I love that they're lovers in the maintext and not just the subtext, but mostly I love that they love computers and networks and know how to fix them. They are my heros!!!


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This page is from the Delta Quadrant of Venus website. The site was originally hosted on AOL's hometown pages, which AOL shut down on October 31, 2008. The DQV site was resurrected and moved to this new home on November 30, 2008 because fans asked to have it back. Thank you for your continued interest in my stories. I'm truly touched. --T'ware

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