My One
    by Tenderware (

VOY J/7 NC-17

Warning:  No warning if you like lesbian content; if you don't, Beware of Story.

Disclaimer: The characters were created by Paramount, Kate Mulgrew, and Jeri Ryan.  I'm just borrowing them to tell a tale. This is strictly a fair-use, unpaid, just-for-fun kind of deal. No money exchanged hands; just a few ideas about romance.

Summary: After catching a glimpse of an erotic holo-image in Janeway's possession, Seven discovers the woman behind the captain....and within herself.

Timeframe: General - 6th Season.

Acknowledgments: Heartfelt thanks to EmptyFlask and Otter for beta reading.

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"Computer, activate door locks and add Borg encryption code Theta six!" Seven of Nine blurted in a nervous rush.

She clutched the precious item to her chest and quickly rounded her regeneration alcove, entering the portion of the cargo bay that she had cordoned off as her personal space. Today, she felt the need not simply for privacy but for sanctuary.

She had stolen something from Captain Janeway.

Seven hadn't meant to take the item, but the captain had been so adamant in her refusal of the young Borg's request for it that Seven doubted Janeway would ever change her mind if asked again. And yet, from the moment Seven had cast eyes on it, she simply knew that she had to have it. That's why she had snuck into the captain's quarters while Janeway was on duty and had taken the item without the captain's permission and, indeed, against her wishes.

Of course, Seven knew it was wrong to appropriate one of Janeway's possessions without offering some sort of compensation, which is why the young Borg had put a similar item in place of the one she had taken, intending the replacement as her part of a mutual exchange. That Janeway hadn't agreed to this exchange was merely a technicality. Wasn't it?

The ex-drone sighed deeply. In fact, she understood too well that an explicit "no" from Kathryn Janeway was no mere "technicality." Seven of Nine had butted her Borg-implanted cranium against the Starfleet captain's equally hard human head too many times to doubt Janeway's resolve. There was simply no way around the fact that, technically, this was a theft, and Seven worried about how the fiery red-head would react. She hoped Captain Janeway would not be too angry. Perhaps the captain would accept the item the young woman had left in return and would come to understand Seven's need to have this item.

Seven had first seen it the week before, during one of her unannounced visits to the captain's quarters to discuss an interesting finding -- a class four nebula that Voyager would be passing in a fortnight. She wanted to convince the captain to allow her to take the Delta Flyer out to run scans of the nebula. And, looking back on the situation now, she realized that she inwardly hoped Janeway would be interested in accompanying her on the scientific exploration.

The captain had been off-duty that day, and when Seven arrived at her quarters, she found the older woman casually dressed and rummaging through her belongings. Janeway explained that she was utilizing her off-duty time to organize some items for storage, since, after six years of accumulating Delta Quadrant artifacts, she had begun to feel cramped in her quarters. Seven approved and offered her assistance. Having just prepared a few items for packing, the captain requested that Seven place an empty storage container on the bed so that she could begin filling it. It was then that Seven had seen the item, sitting at the top of a pile that the captain hadn't yet reviewed.

The item was a holographic image of a reclining woman dressed in a sheer nightgown -- the sort of image Seven had once overheard Tom Paris jokingly describe as a "holo-glam." And this particular glamour image was quite stunning.

The woman in the holo had rich auburn hair, light-complexioned skin dusted liberally with freckles, and curves that swirled from the rounded hint of her bosom to the alluring warmth of her tremulous thighs. The image was clearly intended to arouse.

As she studied the picture, Seven idly wondered who the attractive young woman was and why the captain would keep such a provocative holo-image of her. Was she a friend of the captain's? Had they been lovers? That possibility profoundly excited Seven although she didn't quite understand why it mattered to her at all. Still, she couldn't help wondering who this female was.

And then Seven gasped in recognition. The woman in the image was the captain herself.

Seven was distantly aware that Janeway had called her name and was looking at her, but the young woman couldn't answer. She was transfixed by the image, shocked to see Captain Janeway not simply out of uniform but out of character. This was the woman behind the captain, and never having actually thought of Janeway as anything other than a Starfleet captain, Seven became thoroughly intrigued. She felt something unfamiliar stirring inside her. Filled with curiosity about this new perspective on Janeway and her own reaction to it, she slowly looked up to study her captain.

Janeway's brow was knitted, an expression of concern that Seven knew well, and yet, at that moment, Seven felt that she was looking at Kathryn Janeway for the very first time. She openly studied the captain's face, comparing it to the face in the holo-image. It was, indeed, the same face -- except that her captain's face was a bit more weathered and wise, and for all that, still more lovely.

Kathryn Janeway was a beautiful woman!

The revelation caught Seven by surprise, all the more because it seemed patently obvious once she stopped to consider the quality of the captain's physical features. The strong jaw, the perfect nose, the expressive eyes, the fiery auburn tresses: these features were so inherently charming in themselves that with minimal cosmetic effort on her part, the captain cut a very fine figure. In fact, whereas Seven felt sure that she herself only ever managed an accidentally elegant efficiency with her utilitarian attire and hairstyle, Janeway possessed a kind of efficient elegance. Even in the rather plain T-shirt and shorts the older woman wore at that moment, Kathryn Janeway looked striking.

Seven felt her expression soften and knew her eyes had gone dark with a desire she never thought she would feel, least of all for her formidable commanding officer. She was aware that Janeway had followed her gaze and had seen what the young Borg was holding. There was recognition in the captain's expression when she caught sight of the image, her lips curling slightly as if warmed by some distant memory. That made the captain look even more lovely. Seven marveled at how her heart skipped a beat and her breath caught just from the effect of seeing the captain smile.

Then Seven let her attention return to the image. She sensed the captain reaching out for it, but she was not yet ready to relinquish it. She turned away slightly and activated the micro-emitter, relieved when the captain let her hand fall, obviously intending to indulge the Borg's curiosity.

The image of the young, sensual captain came to life then, and Seven could hear the fragment of a conversation between Janeway and another young female.

Janeway: "I feel silly."

Voice: "Come on, Kathryn. This is for the love of your life. Remember?"

Janeway: (laughing) "But I'm not seeing anyone right now!"

Voice: "So use a generic term of endearment, "my love," "my darling," whatever. But remember, it doesn't count as a glamour holo unless you say something really sappy."

Janeway (laughing again): "I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"

Voice: "Quit complaining. You look great. Come on, Kathryn. Give me 'sweet and mushy'."

Janeway: "Oh, all right."

Seven then noticed the young Janeway visibly composing herself with a healthy gulp of air. Then she almost purred in a deeply seductive tone, addressing the holo-cam, which in turn had made Seven feel that the young captain was addressing her, especially given the personal tone of the final comment.

Janeway: "This is for one and only."

The holo-image replay ended there.

Seven turned back to the captain and noticed the indulgent expression on her face.

"Questions?" Janeway prompted.

"Who is your 'one and only'?" she asked.

"It's an expression," the captain explained. "It just means, 'my one true love'. My roommate's idea was that, someday, I would present that holo-image to someone inspire thoughts of affection," she added quietly with an uncharacteristic blush.

"In that event," Seven responded, "the 'and only' is superfluous."

"I suppose it is," Janeway said with a smile.

Gingerly fingering the surface of the static image, Seven had asked the captain if she could keep it, but the older woman had refused. For reasons Seven didn't fully comprehend, Janeway considered the image too personal to relinquish to Seven's custody. The former Borg had been reluctant to return it, but she had mollified herself with the thought that she would eventually have it somehow. It was then she had seized on the idea that if she gave the captain a "holo-glam" of herself, perhaps the captain would agree to an exchange and grant Seven possession of the seductive holo-image of the young Janeway.

When Seven left the captain's quarters later that evening, she proceeded directly to her computer terminal in Cargo Bay 2. Once there, she spent the next several hours searching the holodeck databanks for a suitable program, something with a renowned holo-imager who could help Seven pose correctly for the "glamour shot." She finally found an appropriate program under the category "Recreational, Adult" -- subcategories "Gifts / Personal Images." She had then reviewed the holodeck reservations schedule, happy to find an open slot during her off-duty time the following evening. She quickly reserved Holodeck 2 for an hour.

The following night, while assuming various stages of undress, Seven had allowed herself to be positioned in a variety of seductive poses, mildly titillated by the thought that she was doing all of this for her captain. Although she did not entirely understand everything that she was suddenly feeling toward the older woman, she hoped her gift would be as precious to Janeway as the captain's holo-image was to Seven.

Now sitting at the mirrored dresser where she twisted her hair into its efficient bun each morning, Seven reverently placed the holo-image of the young Janeway on the surface and studied it closely. The curves of the captain's waist and hips were soft and alluring. The cling of the silky material made the breasts more pronounced, and Seven could even see the provocative outline of Janeway's nipples, the darker shade of the areolas visible through the slightly sheer fabric.

The Borg's eyes traveled down the length of the body in the image, able to make out more than she had realized was visible on her initial inspection. And when she reached the juncture of Janeway's legs, her breath caught as she noticed the auburn-tinted triangular thatch of the captain's sex.

Seven had never before considered Janeway's anatomy, and she couldn't quite comprehend why she was now granting these features such importance, but she found herself imagining what it would be like to lift the silk slowly up the captain's legs, to place her hands carefully between those knees and gently urge them apart, to spread the thighs wide for an intimate inspection, to pull the tender lips open and unfurl the sensitive burnished folds, to stroke her fingers along the captain's very private crease, to dabble them in her wetness, to smell the musky taste Kathryn Janeway. Seven's eyes fluttered shut as she was seized by a more intense fluttering between her legs.

Arousal. She was experiencing sexual arousal simply from thinking about the captain's private anatomy. She guessed that she had become sexually attracted to the captain and that idea surprised and intrigued her.

Feeling her nipples harden and begin to prod against the tight mesh of her biosuit, she instinctively raised her hands to them, caressing the nubs through the fabric. That, too, sent a jolt of excitement though her body, particularly as she kept thinking about the captain's body, imagining her flavor. The next jolt blazed a trail that ignited her loins. Seven let her right hand sojourn provocatively along that trail until her cool fingers were caressing her heated sex through the crotch of her suit.

There, she thought. That was where she desperately wanted to touch Janeway. That was where she hoped one day to be touched by Janeway. To be stroked by her. Like that. Just there. Over and over again.

"Janeway to Seven of Nine."

The call came over the ship's comm system in what seemed a loud blare and startled Seven from her reverie. She swallowed hard against the lump of guilt in her throat, feeling doubly caught, both for the earlier theft and for the way she had just let her mind wander.....and her hand.

"Seven here," she croaked meekly.

"Report to my quarters at once," the captain ordered, her voice commanding but not quite angry. "And Seven?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"Bring the item you borrowed earlier today."

Seven swallowed again, feeling her face grow hot with embarrassment.

"Yes, Captain."

The young woman picked up the precious holo-image and smoothed her fingers caressingly over its surface in farewell. She felt her sense of shame transforming into something worse, a sense of loss. She knew she was about to lose the image, since Janeway would certainly demand its return, but she wondered if she would lose something still more dear -- Janeway's friendship....perhaps even her trust.

"What have I done?"

She rose and walked briskly out of the cargo bay, fighting back the sense of remorse that threatened to overwhelm her. As she made her way to Deck 3, she wracked her cortical implant trying to determine what she could possibly say to the captain to explain why she had done what she did. It seemed a simple enough task since Seven's actions had made such complete sense to her at the time. Surely, if she explained her motivation to the captain, Janeway would find her reasons compelling and would understand and forgive Seven's infraction.

The trouble was that Seven couldn't explain those reasons because she didn't fully understand them herself. She simply had to have the picture! Perhaps Janeway would help her understand her own motivation. The captain had a knack for that.

With that bit of hope for solace, she activated the chime to the captain's door.

"Come," she heard Janeway call.

Seven entered and immediately noticed the captain seated on the sofa along the far wall. She was lovely, having dispensed with her uniform jacket and looking softer and more at ease in the short-sleeve shirt she wore underneath.

Seven took a breath to compose herself again as she stepped forward and gently placed the holo-image on the coffee table in front of the captain. Then she stepped back and stood at attention, hands clasped neatly behind her back.

Janeway pursed her lips as Seven deposited the holo-image on the table, then she spent several long moments studying the young woman, as if trying to decide where to begin.

Seven swallowed again. Her mouth felt unusually dry. And she couldn't quite look at Janeway, her eyes settling approximately two centimeters to the right of the captain's boots.

Janeway rose silently and walked over to the replicator, keying something in. Then she came straight back to Seven and handed her a glass of water. The Borg did meet the captain's eyes that time, her head cocked inquisitively. She wondered how Janeway had guessed that she was thirsty, but she didn't say anything. She simply accepted the offered glass and drank down its contents in six smooth gulps.

Janeway was surprised and not a little amused as she peered in mild astonishment into the empty glass Seven handed back.

"More?" she asked.

Seven nodded shyly.

Surprised again, Janeway returned to the replicator and keyed in a second glass, then walked back to Seven and handed it to her. The Borg made quick work of that one, too, but with a little less gusto.

"May I have another?" Seven asked meekly.

The captain raised her brow skeptically.

"Now you're just stalling," she guessed.

Seven immediately lowered her eyes, abashed and caught once again.

The captain set the glass on the coffee table and crossed her arms.

"Come on, Seven. Time to confess. Why did you break into my quarters and take my holo-image? And why did you leave me this?" she added, pointing to the glamour hologram that the voluptuous Borg had made of herself.

Seven seized on the inadvertently offered distraction. "Did it please you?" she asked with exaggerated enthusiasm.

"You're barely wearing anything," the captain protested in mild exasperation. "Why would you think I'd want an image of you like this?"

Seven was stunned and deeply hurt by the captain's response. "You find me unattractive," she said in a low, plaintive voice.

"What?" Janeway asked surprised. "No. Seven! How can you think that? You're lovely, truly lovely."

The young woman's face softened perceptibly, her eyes shining with a warmth and quiet happiness Janeway remembered seeing only once before, in the cargo bay after Janeway rescued Seven from the Borg Queen and Seven wondered aloud why the captain had come back for her.

"Seven," Janeway called gently, "why did you take my holo-image?"

The young woman took a breath. "I wanted it. I liked looking at it. It.....made me feel things."

"What things?" Janeway inquired.

Seven swallowed. "It made me think about....copulating," she said in her unique fashion.

Now it was Janeway's turn to swallow.

"So you stole my holo-image to inspire you in your.....explorations?"

Seven lowered her eyes, then forced herself to look again at Janeway, with sincere remorse. "I apologize, Captain."

Janeway took a calming breath. "I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd start wanting to explore your sexuality, and I'm happy that you've reached that point. But using my picture like this isn't right, Seven," she added gently. "If you need something to help you fantasize, there are several more suitable and certainly more appropriate images in the ship's databanks for you to choose from."

"Other images of you?" Seven inquired, an uncharacteristic hint of excitement in her typically monotone diction.

"No, of course not!" Janeway snapped.

Seven winced, and the captain instantly regretted her outburst.

"Come on," she urged gently, "let's sit down and talk."

She led Seven to the sofa and sat down next to her, turning slightly to face the young woman. That made their knees touch, and Seven was momentarily transfixed by the contact.

"Seven, tell me what's going on. What are you feeling?" Janeway prodded gently.

"I don't know," the young Borg admitted with a touch of dismay.

"Tell me what you're thinking. I'd like to help you sort it out if I can. Let me try to explain things to you."

"I don't know where to begin. I have so many questions."

"Such as?" the captain prompted again.

Seven took a deep breath, a frown wrinkling her forehead as she determined what to ask first. After a moment's consideration, she turned slightly to face the captain more fully, her look intent.

"Such as," she hesitated, then continued more softly, "such as, what you taste like between your legs."

Kathryn Janeway immediately stopped breathing as if the space around them had become a vacuum. Seven found the sudden silence unnerving, and she wondered why the captain had gone so quiet....and so pale. Evidently, this was not a question the captain was used to getting. Gradually, air seemed to begin to fill the captain's lungs again, and a short while later, Seven noted with relief that the captain had found her voice again.

"Seven, that's a very private question! I'm your captain. It's not right for you to ask me that even as your friend! That sort of talk is only appropriate between lovers."

Seven frowned in confusion. "But if I were your lover," she asked, "wouldn't I already know how you taste?"

The captain fell silent again. Seven watched her gulp nervously and saw her pupils grow big with some unfathomable emotion. Her breathing and heart rate, too, quickened perceptibly. The Borg inhaled pensively and was surprised again, this time by the musky odor her cybernetically enhanced olfactory senses detected.

"Captain," she began with wonder, "you are becoming aroused."

"Don't be ridiculous," Janeway retorted, her tone too anxious to be convincing.

"I -- I can smell your arousal," Seven explained shyly.

The captain gasped and instinctively shifted her thighs more tightly together, feeling exposed and vulnerable.

"Seven, I think you should leave now," Janeway rasped, turning her head away.

The young Borg didn't moved. She was too shocked by the captain's reactions to do anything but study the older woman, trying to gauge what she was feeling. Seven knew that she had developed feelings for her captain, but she hadn't considered until now that Janeway might have similar feelings, that she might reciprocate. That possibility excited Seven. She raised her right hand and placed the fingers lightly on the captain's chin, urging her to turn and face Seven again.

Janeway let herself be guided back until her eyes lifted slowly to reconnect with Seven's. She seemed frightened somehow, and Seven felt desperate to chase away those fears. The young woman stroked her fingers reverently along Janeway's firm jaw and thin red lips, speaking to her gently all the while.

"I believe we are both experiencing apprehension......and anticipation......and arousal," Seven began softly.

Janeway seemed to gasp a bit in response and then licked her suddenly dry lips.

"Seeing you dressed as you were in that holo-image made me feel desire......Sexual desire......for you."

Janeway made a little noise but did not protest, so Seven inched a little closer.

"The nightgown you wore was revealing, Captain," she whispered close to Janeway's face. "I could see your nipples.....and I wanted to touch them."

Seven looked down at the captain's bosom, noticing the abrupt contours of her stiff peaks pushing against the purple jersey. Then she reconnected with Janeway's eyes, both women aware that the captain's nipples had become suddenly erect and that Seven was the cause.

Janeway instinctively crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself demurely and tried to find her voice. "This is inappropriate," she croaked.

Feeling bolder, Seven gently gripped the captain's wrists and pulled her arms away so she could study her again.

"I need to see them," she said, her fingers beginning a slow descent down the captain's neck and onto her upper chest.

"Stop, Seven. Please," Janeway begged weakly, grabbing Seven's hand.

"I need to touch them."

"We can't!"

"I need to taste you."

"You mustn't!" Janeway cried a little too meekly, still holding Seven's hand at bay.

Seven twisted out of Janeway's gentle grip and then seized her hand in turn, bringing it palm up to her own face, caressing herself with it.

"I need you to touch me," she continued breathlessly.

The combined softness of Seven's entreaty and her skin seemed to captivate the captain, interrupting her protests and luring her closer to the young woman.

"Be my one," Seven begged quietly against Janeway's lips. Then she clutched the captain's shoulders and began kissing her on the mouth, muffling her surprised gasp. Janeway whimpered from the effort of trying to control her own passion as Seven pressed desperately against her lips and coaxed them apart. The kiss deepened, becoming almost fevered. Then both women moaned as their silky tongues caressed.

Instinctively, Seven turned her body more fully toward the captain, pivoting onto her left knee and placing her right knee on the small triangle of sofa between Janeway's thighs. That made the captain automatically shift her legs farther apart so she could make more room for Seven until the young woman was comfortably straddling her captain's right thigh as they continued kissing and touching each other on the sofa.

Seven's hands stroked around Janeway's shoulders and slowly down her back, hugging her progressively closer. The fingertips barely grazed the captain's body, and yet every millimeter they touched seemed suddenly electrified. Seven trailed the fingers of her right hand around the captain's hip and along the outside of her thigh to the knee. Her course was more instinctual than deliberative, but it seemed to have a predetermined destination as Seven brought her hand very slowly back up the inside of the captain's thigh.

Janeway made a tiny noise again as Seven's hand approached its mark. And then suddenly it was there, pressing against the damp crotch of the captain's uniform pants.

Even though she had guessed where Seven's hand was headed, there was a part of Janeway that hadn't quite believed the young woman would be so brazen. It was that part that had called Seven's bluff and lost. Shocked by the contact, the captain immediately brought her own hand down to forestall Seven's.

The objection, however, was only half-hearted, and Seven's body sensed it, escalating the intimate contact. As she rubbed the captain to distraction with her right hand, she expertly unfastened the side zipper of the captain's pants with her left hand. Then, with the uniform loosened, Seven slid her right hand provocatively up the captain's crotch and along her abdomen until she reached the waistband of her pants. In the next motion, she slipped her fingers beneath the waistband. Before Janeway quite realized what was happening, the young woman had burrowed her hand inside the captain's pants and undergarments.

Seven felt Janeway's grip tighten around her elbow, as if the captain desperately wanted to pull the arm both away and closer all at once. She took her cue from the latter desire until, finally, her fingers reached the hot, wet folds of the captain's sex. Both women gasped.

Seven pulled back a little, wanting to look at Janeway as she touched her this way. The captain seemed abashed and uncertain, with her eyes averted, and yet she also seemed incapable of stopping as she gripped Seven's shoulders for support. Her breath came in slow, deep intakes, full of heat and passion. And then it caught slightly as Seven began fondling the sticky folds of her sex. Janeway bit her lower lip and then lowered her head to Seven's shoulder, holding her tightly.

A profound tenderness washed over the young woman as her captain cuddled closer and finally surrendered to her desire for this intimate exploration. Groping blindly, Seven trailed the heat and wetness to its source and began to stroke the moisture up the captain's crease. Janeway shuddered unexpectedly when Seven's fingers brushed over a knot of flesh at the apex, and the former Borg guessed that this area was particularly sensitive to touch. She did not, however, concentrate her attentions there at the moment, wanting instead to explore the captain's intimate opening more thoroughly. So she slid her fingers back to the hole and then gently circled the rim, trying to determine whether Janeway wanted to be penetrated.

The captain made another little noise, turning her head toward Seven to nuzzle the young woman's neck, then she tightened her grip. Seven kissed Janeway's temple in understanding and then very slowly pushed two of her fingers into the captain, penetrating steadily deeper until she was all the way inside.

Janeway moaned, flexing her internal muscles around the fingers as if to welcome them. She then nipped the soft skin of Seven's neck and began gently sucking it.

Seven shuddered at the sensations created by the captain's mouth. They stirred her own desires, making her want to stoke Janeway's passion in order to intensify the contact at her neck. She began a deep massage, thrusting deeply into the captain and curling her fingers into the smooth, wet flesh inside. She gasped as Janeway sucked a little harder on her neck. On the next stroke, she found a slightly rougher patch of flesh that made Janeway moan and tighten her embrace all at once. As Seven concentrated her petting there, the captain began to squirm her hips. The gesture was erratic at first, as if Janeway were trying to restrain herself. And then she seemed little by little to give herself over to her body's involuntary responses, her movements becoming more fluid until she was rocking her pelvis in rhythm to Seven's thrusts, riding her hand. Her moans became incessant, the contact with Seven's neck helping to muffle her cries. And then, suddenly, after a final thrust of her hips, the captain's body became rigid, tightening the grip on Seven's fingers almost painfully and simultaneously intensifying her hold on the soft flesh along Seven's throat.

The young woman relished the intensity, sensing that she had helped Janeway reach a kind of climax, and the thought of that ignited her own passions. She felt a fresh rush of fluid bathe her fingers and suddenly remembered how much she had wanted to know how the captain tastes. Giving herself over to that desire now, Seven gathered up the moisture, then pulled her hand slowly out of Janeway's pants and began to bring the fingers to her lips.

Despite what she had just allowed Seven to do to her, Janeway grabbed Seven's wrist and stared at her, still feeling apprehensive about sharing certain intimacies with her Astrometrics officer. But the young woman persisted. Gently holding the captain's hand against her own wrist, she pulled their joined hands forward until her sticky fingers were well within reach of her own mouth. Janeway watched with evident dismay and renewed arousal as Seven inhaled the scent emanating from her fingers.

Seven closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, a soft smile curling her lips in evident pleasure as she picked up the scent. Janeway's scent! Then the young Borg opened her eyes and stared intently at her captain as she brought her fingers provocatively to her lips. Finally, she placed her fingers in her mouth and began to suck them languidly, making the captain shift her pelvis and swallow hard against the erotic effect of seeing Seven taste her juices.

Seven found Janeway's taste too subtle to discern a flavor, yet too intoxicating to resist her desires any longer. Grabbing the captain's shoulders again, she pressed her lips needfully against Janeway's in another maddening kiss, enjoying the muffled noise of surprise Janeway emitted. She felt lightheaded from the contact, sensing that she was falling. And then she guessed that she had fallen when she suddenly found herself lying on top of the captain. Finally out of breath, she pulled her mouth away and lifted a little off of Janeway, acutely missing the cushiony warmth of her breasts. She was seized then by the need to touch the nipples that had tantalized her. Before she quite realized what she was doing, she was pulling Janeway's shirt up. Her eyes connected briefly with the captain's, trying to gauge whether she would try to make her stop.

There was no protest left in Janeway's eyes, just passion shading them a very deep blue. The look inflamed Seven further. No longer satisfied with simply raising the shirt, she ripped it open, instantly spotted the captain's bra, and then yanked that apart as well until Janeway's breasts were completely exposed to her hungry look.

The sharp movements made the captain's breasts jiggle as they popped free of their bindings. Seven enjoyed watching them move like that. Janeway's breasts were perfect -- pink tipped mounds of soft, pillowy flesh that seemed wonderful to hold. The young woman didn't wait to find out. She immediately grasped the breasts in two handfuls and began to knead them gently, delighting in their warmth and pliancy.

Seven guessed that the captain liked having her breasts fondled given the way Janeway kept arching her back into the contact and petting her hands over Seven's in approval. The young woman wondered, however, if her technique was satisfactory for her more experienced partner. Wanting Janeway to guide her, Seven slipped her hands from under the captain's and encouraged her to touch herself.

Janeway didn't hesitate. She immediately began squeezing her breasts more tightly than Seven had and then began concentrating entirely on the nipples. And given how hard the captain seemed to be pulling and rolling them, Seven decided that she must enjoy a rather tight pinching directly on the sensitive nubs.

Anxious to take over, Seven gently waved the captain's hands aside and fondled her breasts again, squeezing with more vigor than before. She then worked her grip up to the nipples and tweaked them roughly between her fingertips, inflamed by the captain's increasingly louder responses.

Janeway began to writhe in response to the delicious sensations, wanting them to intensify. She swallowed.

"Suck them," she commanded.

The idea thrilled Seven. Gripping the captain's right breast without hesitation, she brought her full lips down around the hardened nipple and tugged it forcefully into the satiny heat of her mouth.

Janeway cried out from the sheer joy of the tight, wet contact.

Seven was instantly enthralled by the taste and feel of the nipple. It was slightly salty and almost chewy in its pliancy. So much so that Seven instinctively began biting down on it, gripping the nub with her front teeth and then turning her head to the side to chew lightly with her molars. Apparently, the captain found this sort of touch also acceptable because she brought her hand up to Seven's head and pulled her closer, encouraging more contact.

Seven complied for a long, lazy while, intent on fully indulging in the taste and feel of the captain's right breast. Then she kissed across Janeway's chest to her other breast, where she happily fed her new hunger, licking and sucking and biting that nipple with an almost fevered intensity. Another while later, she kissed her way back again to repeat the pleasant routine with the first nipple while the second one rested, throbbing from too much attention. After a time, she paused for a brief look and noticed how hard and red the captain's nipples had become from her attentions. And they were fairly slick with Seven's saliva.

The sight of them further inflamed the young woman until she was seized with the desire to consume the captain more fully, a desire stronger than she ever imagined possible. Knowing exactly what she wanted now, she pulled herself completely off the captain, grabbed the waistband of Janeway's uniform pants and undergarments all at once, and then yanked them down to the captain's ankles.

Janeway gasped in surprise.

Quickly divesting the captain of her boots, Seven then finished pulling her pants off, leaving her completely naked and exposed from the waist down. In the next motion, she pushed Janeway's knees apart, spreading her wide open for a thorough inspection.

That made Janeway hold her breath, watching Seven's reactions with anticipation.

There it was. The thatch of auburn hair that had so intrigued Seven when she noticed it through the sheer garment Janeway wore in the holo-image. But now there was no garment obstructing Seven's view, and the young woman drunk in the vision. The captain's sex was just as slick and red as her nipples but far more intricate with its folds and flaps surrounding the heated opening and crowned by a tiny nub of apparently sensitive nerve endings.

A heady scent wafted up to greet her, and the former Borg did not resist. Inhaling deeply, she drew close until her face was buried in the creamy center of the captain's overheated sex.

"Ah!" Janeway cried out, thrilled and shocked all at once.

Seven began to lap avidly at the captain's engorged lips, unable to get enough of the heady scent. Janeway smelled wonderful. And her taste! Seven couldn't quite decide what it compared to. She squeezed her tongue deeply into the opening over and over again trying to discern the subtle flavor. It was light and slightly sweet but with a hint of salt as well, like the taste of the sea breeze Seven remembered from her last Away mission. The mellow taste was a fine counterpoint to the intoxicating smell of Janeway's sex, and Seven found herself completely enthralled by the combination.

After a moment, she concentrated her attention on the knot of flesh at the apex of the captain's glistening lips, noting how the cries and shudders intensified whenever her tongue rasped against the sensitive nub. Seven brought her thumbs up on either side of the little peak, using them to pull back a bit on the flesh and coax the tiny nub out from under the hood. Then she brought her full lips down around it and began to suck it gently.

"Seven!" the captain cried out in astonishment, shocked by the intensity of the contact.

The spasms that seized Janeway at that moment were unlike anything Seven had ever seen. They rocked the captain and then made her rigid with climax. And after several delicious moments frozen in time, the captain collapsed onto the sofa cushions, immediately nudging Seven's face away from her overindulged sex.

Seven complied reluctantly, consoling herself by planting several searing kisses across Janeway's abdomen, just above the spot she truly wanted to kiss. Then she pulled herself lightly over the captain and hugged her tenderly until their breathing calmed.

When she reconnected with Janeway's eyes, she noticed that they were glistening with tears. Seven brushed the tears away gently with the back of her knuckles, cooing softly at the captain. She was so tender in her gestures that it overwhelmed Janeway again, bringing fresh tears to her eyes, which Seven patiently wiped away, too. Then they held each other for several more long moments.

After a while, Janeway found her voice.

"Where did you learn how to do all that," she said, mildly astonished and clearly impressed.

Seven felt her chest expand with what she guessed was pride. Then her expression became whimsical. "After assimilating thousands of species, the Borg were bound to learn something of use," she quipped.

Janeway chuckled. "But I thought making love was 'irrelevant'."

"Perhaps I just needed someone to make it relevant for me," Seven replied softly.

Janeway hugged the young woman close. They snuggled together a moment more until the captain indicated she wanted to be let up. Seven sat up and began to fix her hair, absently noting that the captain was pulling off her torn shirt. She assumed Janeway would want some time alone now to clean up and get dressed again, so she stood up to leave. Then she caught sight of the holo-image again and picked it up from the table.

"I will miss having this," she declared with a touch of regret.

Janeway came up behind her and wrapped her arms around the Borg's waist, peering around the young woman's shoulder at the holo-image.

"Take it," she responded. "After what just happened between us, I think it belongs to you now."

Seven blinked at the amount of information conveyed in that statement. And as she understood its meaning fully, her heart filled with a different kind of pride. "I will cherish it always," she declared softly, turning into Janeway's embrace.

It suddenly struck her that the captain was completely naked as she stood there, allowing a fully clothed former Borg drone to hug her close. There was trust in that hug -- an open vulnerability, with casual conviction, as if Janeway simply knew that Seven would cherish that gift, too. The young woman pulled that trust into herself, spreading her fingers as wide as she could -- one hand pressed warmly against Janeway's sexy bare back and the other against the fleshy, feminine curves of her bottom. She then kissed Janeway sweetly, accepting that gift of trust with gentle reverence, just as she had accepted the holo-image.

Janeway returned the embrace and the gratitude, her heart filled with a joy she hadn't felt in a long time. She kissed across Seven's lips and cheek and up to her ear. "Will you stay the night with me?" she whispered seductively.

"Yes," Seven breathed.

Janeway kissed her ear and then sucked slowly on the lobe, which made Seven shudder. Smiling knowingly, she began to unfasten the stunning Borg's biosuit. "I'm so glad, my darling," she continued in a throaty tone. "Because now that you're 'my one', there are certain things I'm required to know about you."

The sharp Borg instantly understood the captain's meaning but responded playfully. "Such as?" she asked coyly, mimicking their earlier exchange.

Kathryn grinned. Then she silently led Seven into her bedroom and spent the rest of the night demonstrating all the wonderful ways she wanted to know her new lover.

The End

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