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April 20, 2002
  • NEW PULP ART: I've had a serious dry spell on the J/7 fan fiction front, but I've scanned a bunch of great new pulp fiction art covers to play with and have just posted a new image to my J/7 Pulp Art series, linked through the Pulp Gallery below. Maybe that'll inspire a story: and if not by me, then maybe by one of you other bards. Hope you folks are still enjoying these covers.

January 2, 2002 (Happy New Year!!!)
  • FACE LIFT: I've made a variety of updates to the site. On this homepage, I updated the description at the top, added a Contents section below with links to target areas on this page, and I added a new Links page called "Subtext to Maintext" with links to various lesbian film and TV projects that could use our collective support.
  • RECONSTRUCTION: Since some of you were having trouble with the tables in my stories, which weren't letting you view the whole page, I've changed all the story pages deleting the table and sidebar graphic and adding a simple logo graphic instead.
  • LINKS: Finally updated my original Links page. (This site has been up how long?.)
  • OLD UPDATES: Added a new page called "What's Old?" logging all my site updates since May.
  • COMMENTARIES: Added link to the updated version of my Xena series finale rant published by Whoosh!
  • WEB RING: Finally deleted the defunct Web ring links below, but I kept the yummy image of Kate and Jeri and added it to my Commentaries section.
  • NEW STORY: If you haven't visited since Dec. 31st, I added a new story called "By Thirds" at the end of my (Tenderware's) standalone stories section below.
December 31, 2001
  • NEW STORY: I finally got around to writing the J/J/7 story I'd been thinking about for awhile. It's called By Thirds, and is linked in the FanFiction by Tenderware section below. Since some of you have had trouble loading longer versions of my story, I'm only posting a segmented version of this one, and I'm retiring the table settings, at least for the time being, in case that's the problem. Hope you like the new tale. Happy New Year!!!
August 25, 2001
  • Some readers appear to be having trouble loading the full version of "The Four-Pips Club," even though it's a fairly short story. So I've posted a segmented version in two parts. See the entry for The Four-Pips Club, below.
August 15, 2001
  • NEW STORY: I wasn't too sure I'd ever get around to finishing this one. Work and the rotten way Tapert ended Xena had me thoroughly distracted, but an email from a fan who begged (and even threatened blackmail) for a new story apparently supplied whatever extra encouragement I needed. I hope you like it. See the link and summary for my new story The Four-Pips Club, below.

  • On the Xena front, for those of you who have been asking, Whoosh is going to be publishing an updated version of my Xena finale commentary in part two of its "Group Therapy Issue," due out in September.
July 1, 2001
  • NEW COMMENTARY: I know this is supposed to be a J/7 site, but like other fans of Xena: Warrior Princess, I was surprisingly devastated by the series finale, which aired last week. I've written a commentary, posted in the "Why NOT with Captain Janeway" debate section below. WARNING: if you're trying to remain SPOILER free, don't even look at the title of my commentary, let alone the actual commentary. Otherwise, click here to see the link below.
May 13, 2001
  • NEW STORY BY OTTER!!! My good buddy Otter has written a hypnotic J/7 Uber story called The Hunt.  It's summarized and linked in the Family and Friends' fanfic section below. Please check it out and let Otter know what you think of it.
  • Links update still pending....but in the meantime: let me tell you here that I'll be adding a new video section in support of some great lesbian films by independent filmmakers. One of the ones I recommend is a charming short called "Traveling Companions" (written and directed by Paula Goldberg). I read the synopsis online and then found the film included in a collection of lesbian shorts called "Companions."
  • and furthermore...  I'll also be adding a link to Ladyhawke Productions, which (among other women-oriented projects) is currently developing Missy ("Merwolf") Good's Tropical Storm into a one-hour TV drama. I've been reading Xena and Xena uber fanfic lately, and the geek in me has fallen in love with Missy's Dar and Kerry series. Oh yes, I love that Dar and Kerry are offshoots of the Xena and Gabrielle archetypes, and I love that they're lovers in the maintext and not just the subtext, but mostly I love that they love computers and networks and know how to fix them. They are my heros!!!
  • Tender tales in progress: I am sorry about the long absence and that I don't have any new stories of my own to post. I managed to get my book project done only to find myself mired in a major computer network upgrade at work that has kept me too busy and too tired to write fanfic. However, I do have several story ideas brewing and one already started that I hope to have finished by the end of the month. In addition to J/7 tales, I've got an idea for an STV/XWP crossover and for a X/G uber story. So I do expect to be posting some new tales soon, hopefully by the end of this month.

  • Finally, over 100,000 hits and counting: sometime during my absence, the counter on this site rolled past the 100K mark. Obviously, some of you die-hard fans have been checking in on occasion to see if anything's happening. Thanks for sticking around. I hope to make it up to you.

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