J/7 Pulp Fiction Cover Art Series!
by Tenderware

Well, I couldn't help myself. I've adored lesbian pulp fiction covers ever since I saw the National Film Board of Canada's wonderful documentary Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives (available from Naiad Press, Documentary Videos section). While the cover art overtly characterized the content as scandalous, it was also clearly intended to titillate the readership:  mostly straight men, no doubt, but apparently at least a few lesbians managed to pocket copies.

Queer appropriation of artifacts from the straight mainstream culture is, after all, a time-honored tradition. That's not surprising since, typically, those have been the only images available to us. Even today, of course, the struggle for any (let alone, positive) portrayals of alternative sexualities in the mainstream media continues. In the meantime, I find it very empowering to take "their" images and make them "ours."  And so, since fandom is about poaching, I thought putting Janeway and Seven into the lesbian pulp fiction covers of the 50s and 60s would be a fun way to make those images ours.

LAST UPDATED April 20, 2002: added No. 9 "Rebel Woman."

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Click to see Girls in Love
No. 1, "Girls in Love"
girlsinlove.jpg (75 kb) 3/2/00
Click to see Lesbians Gym
No. 2, "Lesbian Gym"
lesbiangym.jpg (56 kb) 3/26/00
Click to see Beebo
No. 3, "Beebo"
beebo.jpg (84 kb) 3/31/00
Click to see Female Convict
No. 4, "Female Convict"
convict.jpg (53 kb) 3/31/00
Click to see Voluptuous Voyage
No. 5, "Voluptuous Voyage"
voluptuous.jpg (170 kb) 6/17/00
Click to see I Prefer Girls
No. 6, "I Prefer Girls"
iprefer7.jpg (60 kb) 6/17/00
Click to see The Damned One
No. 7, "The Damned One"
damned.jpg (210 kb) 6/17/00
Click to see Seven's Sweet Agony
No. 8, "Seven's Sweet Agony"
sweetagony.jpg (60 kb) 6/25/00
Click to see Rebel Woman
No. 9, "Rebel Woman"
rebel.jpg (60 kb) 04/20/02


Resources: If you're interested in lesbian pulp fiction covers, check out Strange Sisters: The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction, 1949-1969, by Jaye Zimet, with a Foreword by Ann Bannon, New York: Viking Studio, 1999. For a quick history on the importance of lesbian pulp novels to lesbian identity in the 50s and 60s, see David Bianco's Planet Out/Queer History article "The Heyday of Lesbian Pulp Novels" (July 19, 1999).

Please Note:  My appropriation of Star Trek characters and of images of the actors portraying them is meant as a celebration of J/7 subtext. No disrespect is intended, and I hope none will be taken. I have produced and distributed this artwork without profit to me and purely for the enjoyment of visitors to my site. This artwork isn't authorized or endorsed by Paramount, Kate Mulgrew, or Jeri Ryan. (Please refer to the disclaimer below for more information.)


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