The Birthday Wish

    by EmptyFlask

VOY J/7 NC-17

Warning: This story has mildly explicit lesbian sexual content. If you are a minor or are offended by any of this, go read somthing else. Otherwise, enjoy.

Disclaimer: The characters were created by Paramount, Kate Mulgrew, and Jeri Ryan; they are just  borrowed here.

Summary: A birthday wish helps to teach both Janeway and Seven the many meanings of intimacy.


Seven entered the unfamiliar quarters and fell to her knees the moment she heard the hiss of the doors closing behind her. Racking sobs shook her slender frame as she released the rush of emotions she couldn't understand and couldn't ignore any longer. She needed comfort. She needed to be held. Most of all, she needed to stop crying. It was an inefficient use of energy. It was extremely upsetting just to be upset, and it seemed to make her cry all the more. Unable to understand all that she felt, she came to the one place where she knew she could find answers, or, at the very least, comfort.

A warm pair of hands reached for her shoulders and pulled her into a soft, scented embrace. She felt damp hair against her cheek and absently leaned into it, allowing her tears to further moisten the strands. Her body jerked, gasping between sobs for the breaths it had missed, as the soft, warm hands slowly caressed her back and hair.

"Sshhhh, it's okay," a voice soothed. "I'm here. It's okay."

She felt herself gently rocking in the warm embrace. The soothing sounds of the voice continued as, slowly, her crying subsided, and she finally took deeper, calmer breaths. She hiccupped through a few more breaths until, at last, she was able to pull away.

Seven slowly raised reddened, glistening eyes towards the blue-gray eyes of Kathryn Janeway, her captain and mentor and friend. She noticed a small smile playing over Janeway's features and immediately stood up and turned away from her.

From underneath the curl of her brows, Kathryn studied Seven's stiff back.

"Are you all right?"

Seven took a deep breath, almost . . . sighing? She slowly turned back towards her captain. Janeway remained on the floor slightly sitting on her heals, a damp robe clinging to her small body. She waited patiently for some explanation. Seven approached her and extended a mechanized hand. Janeway took it and pulled herself to her feet, then slowly pulled Seven towards the sofa in the main room of her quarters. Once they were both finally seated, Janeway reached over and gently caressed Seven's cheek. She continued the soft, comforting touch until Seven's eyes relented and met Janeway's. Kathryn again gave her a slight, reassuring smile.

"What is it, Seven? Tell me," she urged. "I'd like to help if I can," she admitted quietly.

Seven hesitated a moment more. Finally, she looked down at her feet and spoke. "I do not wish to be alone any longer."

Janeway's face fell in perceived understanding. Loneliness was one of the most potent of emotions and no stranger to Kathryn from the moment her ship became stranded in the Delta Quadrant. She knew, too, that since Seven's removal from the Borg Collective, loneliness was something that the young woman also struggled with constantly, although Janeway had not considered that the often stoic Borg occasionally lost those battles. As she let her hand drop to Seven's and gently clutched it on the young woman's knee, Janeway wondered what had brought on this acute attack now. Then she let the thought recede, turning her attention to calming the young woman. She knew the drill, and offered it to Seven.

"You're not alone, Seven. I'm here. The Doctor is here for you. You're surrounded by friends, people who love and care about you. You do know that, don't you?"

Seven frowned. "As B'Elanna Torres would say, Captain, that is bullsh--"

"Never mind what B'Elanna would say," Kathryn quickly interrupted.

"Nevertheless, your conclusions are flawed. Do you not feel that you are surrounded by friends and people who love and care about you?"

"Of course, I do," Kathryn replied.

"And yet, you are lonely."

Another smile tugged at Kathryn's features as Seven continued.

"I watch you when we're at a gathering on the holodeck or in the mess hall. Surrounded by your crew, everyone smiling. And yet, at these occasions above all, you pull back. At some point in the evening, you stand apart from the rest of us, a lost look washes over your face, and then you leave," Seven added, almost to herself. She slowly turned to look at the captain before continuing. "In a room full of people, you feel isolated," she calmly observed.

Kathryn slowly nodded.

"Then your words of comfort are of no value." She quickly stood up. "I am sorry to have bothered you, Captain."

Kathryn quickly shot up and grabbed Seven's arm, halting her departure. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I intend to return to my alcove. I regret having disturbed you, Captain," she reiterated.

"So do I," Kathryn agreed flatly. "But, you started this, and now I'm feeling like I could use some company," she said as she swung around in front of Seven, "so park it!" With a quick shove, she sent Seven back into the sofa cushions and then rested her knuckles against her hips. "Now let's get a few things straight," Kathryn warned. "When you come to see me with a problem, the topic of the evening will continue to be your problems, not mine. Understood?"

"Yes," Seven responded quietly.

"And, when I give you 'words of comfort,' remember that their inherent value, if there is such a thing, is directly proportionate to your willingness to believe them. Is *that* understood?"

Seven stiffened. "I am not that gullible."

Kathryn's tight features slowly relaxed. She quietly moved towards the sofa and settled back into the cushions next to Seven. "Neither am I," she finally sighed.

Kathryn turned towards Seven and again reached for her hand. "I do feel lonely," she continued quietly, "especially at one of our parties, as much as I enjoy them." She frowned. "That doesn't make much sense, does it?"

Seven shook her head in agreement.

"I don't know, Seven . . . . I suppose maybe it's not having someone special, some *one* person with whom I feel completely connected, an intimate connection, someone around with whom I can feel completely myself, unguarded, honest, trusting."

"I do not believe I feel guarded around anyone."

"No," Kathryn laughed. "You are almost brutally unguarded and honest."

Seven smiled. "But I am disconnected," she realized. "My new collective is too quiet, too distant." Her eyes glistened again as they locked on Kathryn's. "How do you adapt?"

Kathryn's eyes glistened back. "I'm Touchy-Feely Janeway, remember? I cope by feeling the warm press of flesh against my hand." She absently squeezed Seven's hand as she continued. "If my position won't allow me to connect emotionally, I can at least connect physically, at least sometimes," she grinned, "and with just a friendly touch on an acceptable part of the body."

"So you do not 'goose' Mr. Tuvok," Seven quipped, practicing an expression she had picked up from Tom Paris.

Kathryn barked her amusement. "Not sober!"

The young woman took a deep breath and quirked her full lips. "I understand, Captain. I will endeavor to be more intimate with my friends." Kathryn jerked up slightly, but Seven interrupted. "Within acceptable limits." Kathryn relaxed as Seven stood up. "Thank you Captain. I . . . feel better. And I have gained useful information from this encounter."

"I think I have too," Janeway replied softly. Kathryn's face brightened. "So I'll see you at 20:00 hours, in the mess hall?"

Seven frowned. "I will be there."

"Relax, Seven. It's just a little birthday gathering. Blow out some candles, eat some cake, you'll be fine."

"And gifts, I was informed there would be gifts," she amended stoically.

Kathryn looked sheepishly. "I'm afraid I used up all my rations this week, so I don't have anything I can wrap for you."

Seven quirked an eyebrow and waited patiently for the captain to continue.

Janeway noticed that she was expected to say more. She frowned. "Um, but I do want to give you something." She sat up straighter, her smile widening. "So I'd like to grant you one wish, maybe your birthday wish. Whatever you want, Seven, if it's within my power, and doesn't conflict with my duties to the crew, I'll make it happen. Just name it."

Seven stood there considering the captain's offer. "Anything?" She queried.

"Anything," Kathryn affirmed.

Seven took a deep breath. "I need some time to respond to your offer, Captain. Since I am familiar with your abilities and your perseverence, I do not take your 'gift' lightly," she smiled. "I will give it some thought."

Kathryn stood up and gave Seven a quick hug. "I look forward to hearing your wants and desires, Seven." She started to pull back from the embrace, but Seven held firm a moment and tightened her grip.

"You are correct, Captain," Seven whispered into Janeway's ear. "Touching *does* help. Thank you," she added, then slowly pulled back.

They stood a moment longer considering their conversation, their confessions, their embrace, and then the moment passed. With a quick nod of her head, Seven turned and left.

Kathryn smiled and slowly moved towards the other rooms to dry and dress herself for the party.
* * * * *

B'Elanna quickly made her way towards the two men standing near Neelix's buffet table, the loose skirt of her civvies barely keeping pace with her. "Wow, did you guys hear about the captain's birthday present to Seven?" She asked excitedly.

Harry and Paris nodded. "We were just talking about it?" Harry provided. "Can you imagine? I mean, what would you ask her for if you could get anything you want?"

B'Elanna responded without hesitation, "How about triple rations? For the rest of our tour!"

"Not bad," Harry replied. "But I was thinking something along the lines of guaranteed shore leave -- at least three days every month, in addition to off-duty time."

Paris shook his head. B'Elanna noticed. "What? You could do better?"

Paris smirked. "Such little minds. Is that the best you two can come up with? Shore leave and rations? Harry! B'El! You've got to think big! This is the captain!"

A throaty voice interrupted his bravado. "Do tell, Mr. Paris. What would you wish for?"

Paris turned around and gaped several centimeters below his eye level. Kathryn Janeway stared back at him. Even in a simple, black dress, her arms bare and her hair swept back in a tight, French twist, she cut an imposing figure. "You mean, other than your continued good health, Captain?"

Janeway's hands instinctively rose to rest on the upper curves of her hips. She waited in her typical captain's stance. He noticed that the absence of her uniform did not diminish its effect in the least. But Paris was determined to derail her. With a quirky grin, he finally leaned in towards her ear and whispered. Harry and B'Elanna watched in stunned silence, each easily imagining what new depths of insubordination their cocky shipmate was sinking to. They waited for the captain's response as Paris pulled back and looked at her expectantly.

Janeway's frozen features melted into a grin as she replied in a silky voice, "You know something, Ensign? You just might make it to Commander after all." With a deliberate caress to his cheek, she nodded to the others and walked away. Within a heartbeat, B'Elanna and Harry exploded in laughter and drifted in the captain's direction, leaving Tom slightly bemused and hopelessly resigned to it.

Yet again, Kathryn approached a conversation full of heated speculation, and she wondered if she should not have asked Seven to keep her birthday gift confidential. It was never good for a captain to show too much favoritism towards a member of her crew. She considered briefly if others might not be bitterly jealous that she had bestowed this gift to a former enemy of the Federation. In truth, she had not considered that her gift to Seven was all that special when she seized on the idea. She had meant it more as a consolation for not having taken the time and saved up the rations to get Seven a proper birthday gift. In retrospect, however, she had to concede that the open-ended promise to grant Seven any wish, within reason, made this a very special gift. Fortunately, the crew seemed at most a little envious of Seven and were otherwise content to accept that the young woman deserved this present.

Kathryn noticed that the Talaxian's suggestions brought a wide grin to her First Officer's features, and a slighter version even graced Seven's lips. The young woman was clearly enjoying her crewmates' speculations. And the unexpected attention seemed to be drawing her out more -- making her more a part of the community that was Voyager. Where before Seven had been aloof and virtually incapable of participating in a simple conversation, tonight she seemed to be confident and terribly pleased at her newfound celebrity. In fact, it was as though the captain's gift had somehow graced Seven -- had, in a sense, knighted her as a worthy recipient of the captain's supreme favor. Seven was shining.

The captain regarded the young former Borg with a new warmth and understanding, and openly gazed at her before allowing herself to step fully into the circle of conversation. The Doctor had done a wonderful job in softening Seven's appearance over the last several months, and the fruits of his labor were a feast for all. Tonight, Seven's full body tugged at the silky fabric of the midnight blue dress she wore. Her arms remained bare, like Kathryn's. Her hair, however, fell into a loose wave around her slim neck and strong shoulders. She was breathtaking, so much so that Kathryn had to gulp for her next breath of air.

When had that happened? Her reaction was decidedly un-captainlike, and hardly maternal. She took another deep breath. 'Ah well,' she realized. It wouldn't be the first time she felt a flutter in the presence of her beautiful crewmember. Perhaps some day, she could let go. Perhaps she could finally let herself feel, and learn about her feelings, learn to recognize her wants and desires and not suffocate them to death under the constricting layers of black and bloody cranberry that held four pips tightly and relentlessly at her tender throat. Whew, 'was that a fashion commentary or a crime holonovel?' she mused.

A burble of laughter pulled Kathryn from her thoughts as Nelix still wondered excitedly, "Think of the possibilities, Seven! You could ask for all the holodeck time you want."

"An inefficient use of my time," Seven responded.

"Furnishings for your cargo bay! Perhaps something in French Provincial," the Doctor threw in.

"An inefficient use of my space."

"A dog!" Harry offered.

Each of them silently studied him as Tom stepped up next to the captain. "I like dogs," Harry continued defensively.

"Me too," Janeway softly reassured him.

Seven smirked. "An inefficient use of my floors."

Chakotay laughed. "How about we modify your regeneration alcove with a heat and massage setting?"

Seven cocked her head and considered it. "That suggestion is not completely without merit."

Tom grinned. "That sounds like an endorsement to me! Nice going, Chakotay!"

The others laughed until Neelix lightly tapped a spoon against his glass, calling the gathering to attention. The room quieted and naturally parted near the buffet table, adorned by a huge cake, lightly sprinkled with candles. Harry quickly ran the igniter over each of the wicks. When the cake flickered with flames, Neelix nudged Seven closer to it.

"Oh, yes," the Doctor exclaimed. "All gather 'round her for a group holo!" The large crowd fit themselves as best they could near the center of the room as the Doctor positioned the camera. He quickly joined them amidst cheers and singing as the camera clicked several intermittent times, capturing successive moments. The crowd slowly cleared back away from the buffet table as the song came to an end.

"All right, Seven," Neelix coaxed her. "Make a wish and blow out the candles!"

Seven looked at Kathryn, who smiled in return as Seven took a deep breath. "I wish to be intimate with you, Captain," she blurted out. "Right here, at this gathering, among all our friends," she continued more gently.

Gasps sputtered throughout the room as Seven finally smiled. She slowly turned towards the cake and blew out all the candles unaware of the tension behind her. Chakotay tried unsuccessfully to hide a grin as Janeway literally froze where she stood, her pale skin glistening with frost.

Paris looked at the captain. Her panicked eyes shot towards his and locked, almost pleading. He grinned and finally broke the silence. "Well," he drawled, "what are you waiting for?" His smirk was knocked clean off his face when B'Elanna's elbow connected with his ninth and tenth ribs.

Seven studied both of them and finally noticed the shocked look on everyone's face, except Chakotay's. She frowned and attempted an explanation. "I wish others to be intimate with you as well," she continued.

The captain frowned herself as Seven sighed, almost sadly. "Perhaps 'intimate' is not the appropriate term. May I continue?" Janeway nodded slowly, her agitation seeping out of her at Seven's sincere gaze.

Seven took another deep breath and pulled her body subconsciously into her familiar stance -- chin raised, shoulders back, hands firmly clasped behind her. She continued in her no-nonsense voice. "During my time on Voyager, I have been reminded, consistently, that I am no longer in a well-ordered Collective." She heard light laughter in response and continued. "There is much chaos here . . . much confusion and conflicting desires," she hesitated, letting her hands swing freely to her sides. "Except for two common desires -- we are all searching for home, wherever that might be for each of us. And," she smiled at the captain, "we do not wish to make the journey alone."

"Hear, hear." several crewmembers chimed in.

"Today, I learned that we are not alone. We are a community on this vessel. I once said that Voyager was now my Collective. It is not. You are my *family*," Seven almost glared at Janeway, "and we are led by an often strict matriarch." The crew again laughed, with the captain's blessing. Seven slowly continued. "A woman with the same desires as the rest of us, a woman who need not feel alone."

Janeway shifted uncomfortably. "Seven," she cautioned.

The young woman continued her speech undaunted. "There is no place for rank among friends, Captain. You need not feel lonely on the bridge because there you are a captain among her crew. But, here, among friends, what else can you expect to feel when you allow your rank to keep you separate and apart from us?" Seven almost expected her to answer, but quickly continued. "You believe that the rank is necessary for you to maintain respect and order, but you will always be in a position of respect because *you* are respected as an individual, regardless of your rank." Again the crew voiced their assent. "But you cannot share 'quality time' with your friends unless you forego the rank. Relinquish the title, Captain. When you are not on duty, dispense with your uniform and let rank slip away." She paused a moment and then continued more matter-of-factly. "That is what I want for my birthday. When you leave the bridge at the end of the day, I want you to be *Kathryn*. I want us to learn more about 'Kathryn,' for all of us to know you by that designation, to know you for *who* rather than *what* you are." She nodded once and re-clasped her hands behind her back. "That is my wish."

The silence of space suddenly suffused the mess hall. The eyes of her crew drifted towards Kathryn, waiting, watching. She felt moisture on her face and quietly allowed the tears to slip from her eyes in the presence of all who were gathered. She felt somewhat surprised that it didn't bother her, and when she looked around, she noticed that no one was the least bit troubled by her show of emotion either. Nor did anyone seem to think less of her for it. In fact, everyone seemed -- pleased. Feeling the intrusive presence of a lump in her throat, she merely looked at Seven and nodded, granting the young woman's heartfelt wish.

Seven's lips curled slightly. She nodded in return and turned around to help Neelix distribute the cake as conversation resumed, many crewmembers voicing their surprise and approval of Seven's profound birthday wish.

A moment later, Chakotay walked over to Janeway with two glasses of Champagne. "Kathryn?" he offered. She gratefully took the glass from him and sipped the wine to ease the tension from her throat. Giving her shoulders a quick hug, Chakotay pulled them both towards Seven for the captain's, Kathryn's, customary birthday toast.

Everyone raised a glass while Kathryn quickly recovered. She cleared her throat and let her eyes glide from face to smiling face, until they rested on Seven's. With a smile, Kathryn raised her own glass and her voice. "Every year, time stands on the steps of eternity and proudly shouts to the passing crowds. Today, he calls to you, Seven. Can you hear him yet?"

Seven raised an eyebrow. "No, I cannot. What is he saying?"

"Give me wrinkles! Or, give me death!" Kathryn emoted.

The crew laughed amidst cheers of "wrinkles or death!" and then quieted for the refrain. "Happy Birthday, Seven," Kathryn wished her softly.

Seven raised her own glass and nodded. "And to you as well . . . Kathryn."
* * * * *


Seven entered the now less imposing quarters of Kathryn Janeway and slowly approached the sofa in the main area. In the center of the large sofa, Kathryn relaxed, still in her party dress, her bare feet propped up comfortably on the coffee table. She lifted a cup of herbal tea to her smiling lips as she looked up at Seven.

Kathryn swallowed the warm liquid and gestured towards her replicator. "Help yourself."

Seven shook her head. "No, thank you. I do not require any fluids at the moment."

"Then have a seat."

Seven slowly approached the sofa and sat next to Kathryn, not letting herself do more than perch on the edges of the seat cushions. She looked decidedly uncomfortable. Kathryn lowered her feet and sat up a little straighter, placing the now empty cup on the table in front of her.

"Is something wrong, Seven?"

Seven turned her eyes towards Kathryn and slowly nodded. "I had a discussion with B'Elanna Torres at the party, just before we all 'called it a night.' She explained what everyone thought I was requesting when I said I wanted to be 'intimate' with you . . . in front of everyone . . . and that I wanted them to be 'intimate' with you." She let out a breath. "I knew it was a poor choice of words, but I did not realize the extent of my impropriety until the lieutenant explained the conclusions it may have provoked. I regret causing you discomfort. I am . . . sorry."

Kathryn now grinned at the not so distant memory of the moment. It had, at the time, truly shocked her when she, too, had misunderstood what the young woman was asking for in the presence of her entire off-duty crew. But by the end of the evening, she felt nothing but the warm glow of family, as several members asked 'Kathryn' a question or wished 'Kathryn' well, and none left without a 'Goodnight Kathryn,' thrown her way. She smiled at the realization that she had been one of the last guests to leave. She couldn't remember the last time her evening had ended so late, and it felt wonderful. She was elated, and she had Seven to thank for it. She let her eyes gaze at the nervous woman and reached out for her, her hand tenderly squeezing the young woman's bare knee just at the edge of the silky fabric of her dress.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little shocked when you blurted that out," Kathryn admitted. "But after you explained what you wanted, it all worked out so well."

Seven nodded. "And you were relieved that it was not what I meant."

Their eyes met, almost reluctantly, but neither turned away. Kathryn felt her head shaking slightly. "No," she whispered. "Not entirely relieved."

The admission was out before Kathryn knew what she was saying, and she was surprised to realize that she sincerely felt that way. Seven had always meant a great deal to her, certainly, but she had insisted on maintaining a professional distance. Now that Seven's birthday wish had, in a sense, bridged that distance, Kathryn couldn't help but look at the young woman from a new perspective, and what she saw was a sensual beauty, warmth, and innocence that made her heart ache with desire. Intimacy was exactly what Kathryn wanted to share . . . with Seven.

Her eyes flickered to the hand that rested on Seven's knee as it began a slow caress. "You gave me a lot to think about tonight," she continued softly. "Do you know that?"

Seven nodded slowly and then nervously eyed Kathryn's hand as it slipped beneath the hem of her dress. The caresses proceeded up to her lower thigh.

"What you wished for was the most touching, selfless thing anyone has ever asked me to do. It was decidedly more intimate than what I'm doing now." She let her hand drift further up the young woman's thigh, fingers nearly brushing the warm tender flesh of Seven's inner thigh.

"More intimate?" Seven questioned breathlessly.

Kathryn laughed lightly. "Oh yes," she groaned softly. "Would you like to compare the differences, or should I stop?"

"Do not stop!" Seven blurted.

Kathryn smiled, feeling pleased and even a little victorious. All she wanted now was to touch Seven, sensing with everything she was that this was good and right and . . . irresistible. "Spread your legs a little, Seven."

The young woman adjusted herself further back into the cushions of the sofa and slowly complied, eyes wide and fixed on Kathryn's. She was unable to speak, managing only a slight gulp as she swallowed against her building excitement.

Kathryn's caress still lingered on her thigh, not doing much more than stoking Seven's anticipation. "Are you wearing anything underneath your dress?"

Seven merely looked at her, still unable or unwilling to answer. Kathryn smiled. Her other hand suddenly gathered the edge of Seven's dress and pulled it towards her abdomen, holding it up out of the way. Slowly, Kathryn's eyes drifted to Seven's lap. She wore nothing underneath her dress and was now exposed from the waist down, her legs slightly parted, a patch of gold coils nestled between them, and Kathryn's predatory hand still circling near the nest.

Kathryn went on, her own breath now coming faster, her voice throatier. "What you wished for tonight, was even more intimate than what I'm about to do to you. Do you understand?"

"Impossible!" Seven screeched.

Kathryn smiled and finally leaned into Seven. She felt the heat of the young woman's body against her own, her face barely two centimeters from Seven's. She inhaled Seven's breath as she let her hand invade the nest.

Seven gasped. Her body trembled as she felt Kathryn's fingers touch her in a way she had never been touched before. Her mind reeled. "I do not understand," she whispered breathlessly.

Kathryn smiled hopefully. "Shall I try to explain it to you?"

Seven forced her eyes open and looked at Kathryn. "That would be acceptable."

Kathryn laughed. "Well, then, let me explain the many levels of intimacy to you, my friend." She closed the gap between them and finally pressed her lips against Seven's, savoring the taste of her mouth and knowing there were still more flavors to be enjoyed. Pulling back from her, she raised her predatory hand to her own lips and tasted more of Seven, her eyes drifting shut at the sheer pleasure of it.

Seven observed the gesture and sought to mutually quench their desires. Her eyes drifted to the low cut of Kathryn's dress. She could see the upper swell of ample breasts which the captain had willingly shared with her crew that evening. "I want you, Kathryn. I want you to feel unguarded tonight, honest and trusting . . . with me," she said softly. Slowly, her hands began to caress the older woman's pale shoulders.

Kathryn merely nodded.

Seven smiled and slowly reached behind Kathryn. She found and released the fastener and slowly lowered the dress, letting it pool around Kathryn until she was bare to her waist. Seven let her hands drift up from the edges of the fabric, sliding along the ripples of Kathryn's ribs, up to the smooth sides of her breasts.

"I think I am beginning to comprehend," Seven explained softly. "You are correct, Kathryn. This is far *less* intimate than the mere words of my birthday wish earlier this evening," she teased, still caressing her.

A soft moan escaped Kathryn's lips. "I may have been too hasty when I said that."

"No. I understand your meaning. My wish was far more powerful, far more intimate than privately stroking your breasts in your quarters in the middle of the night," Seven said with a smile.

She took in the sight of Kathryn's bare breasts, openly inspecting them and smiling in appreciation. "Your nipples are now quite erect," she reported.

Kathryn forced herself to look down. The young woman roughly flicked her thumbs over the hardened peaks. Below the fleshy tissue, Kathryn's lungs quickly filled and emptied in rapid succession, causing a slight quiver. "So they are," she agreed.

Seven leaned closer. "I want to take your nipples into my mouth while you touch me again," she whispered.

Kathryn smiled. "That would be lovely." She reached down and let her hand open the warm, wet folds of Seven's nest. "Spread your legs a little further for me." As soon as Seven complied, Kathryn eased two fingers deeply inside her and used her other arm to pull Seven into an embrace. "How does that feel?"

Seven moaned softly and leaned towards Kathryn's ear. "Pleasurable," she whispered. Gently nibbling her ear, she whispered again. "Thank you for my birthday gift." Kathryn smiled and pulled back slightly. She saw Seven's eyes flicker down towards her breasts. With a gentle tug, she pulled the young woman's head towards a pink nipple and let her suck.

"That's nice," Kathryn purred.

Seven licked and lightly bit the peak for several moments then pulled away slightly to respond. "Yes . . . but you were wrong, you know?" she added before seizing the other nipple with hungry intent.

Kathryn's curiosity worked its way through the haze of pleasure. "Oh . . . about what?"

Seven took her time replying, drawing on the rosy tip several more times with increasing sexual appetite before stopping briefly to answer. She smiled broadly at Kathryn, who smiled patiently in return, her nipples achy and wet and yearning for Seven's mouth again. "You *were* able to present me with a gift this evening that I could 'unwrap'."

Kathryn barked her laughter and then pulled Seven in for a fierce hug, kissing her cheek and hair. Letting her hand quicken its pace inside the younger woman, she again leaned into her ear. "Oh, Seven," she said softly. "Happy Birthday, my love."

"Yes, Kathryn," she breathed. "It is." Seven smiled and quickly returned to Kathryn's breasts, knowing there were more gifts awaiting her attention.

The End

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