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Captain's Quarters

Gina Dartt's Just Between... series and now the new Millennium series, which are so rich and detailed that the love between our favorite duo extends across two universes, FIFTY stories in the original series and another fifty planned for the new one!  Gina's site continues to have a lot to offer the J/7 universe!
PWaXen Vaxen Website
Vaxen's Elements of... series.  Has some very nice "elements."  Site also includes probably the most extensive J/7 fanfic links page anywhere on the Web.  If you don't know where to find J/7 fanfic, Vaxen's links page is a one-stop-shopping site. And don't miss the Janeway/Seven Images library (J/7 on that couch, from the Voyager episode "11:59" -- don't they look cozy?).
Unimatrix Seven
Lisa Countryman's Voyager f/f site. Her J/7 section includes two of my all-time favorite J/7 stories: Beginnings and Again. And while I'm not a big B/7 fan, Lisa made a believer out of me with her excellent Torres/Seven story She Who Hesitates (which also manages to have a little J/7 subtext). Terrific writer!
MoJoR's Holodeck
Several wonderful J/7 stories on this site, but the one that's a real stand-out for me is Symphony Twisted. Just a beautiful characterization of a slightly different Janeway and Seven.
DaVinci's Studio
This has now become a B/7 site, but DiNovia also has a J/7 Alcove under construction, and with luck, we'll see the return of her Arte/Scienza story, which is very poignant.
Sforzie's J/7 Library
Includes several J/7 fanfic stories plus The Song of the Bleeding Hearts series.  Hankies recommended.
sHaYcH's Trek: Voyager FanFic
The "Voyages of the Soul" series in the J/7 stories section.  The series begins with a heart-warming follow-up to the great Drone episode, and the subsequent tales have some clever plot elements.
Utopia Planitia
Only two stories here, but an effective follow-up to the Bliss episode.  Very subtle and touching.  Left me wanting more.
Must-See J/7 site:  an homage to J/7 that includes graphics, episode subtext reviews, fanfic, an extensive fanfic links page, an opinion page, news, and wonderful J/7 sounds.  Also, be sure to check out the Definition of Terms for an explanation of the newspeak "AKaJaBoHoMo."
Boadicea's Fanfic Site
Lot's of cleverly written J/7 fanfic, including first-person POV (which makes some of this work touchingly angsty and almost confessional) and the multiple-endings variety of "The Dress" (which goes from J/C to J/7 from one 'color' to the next).


Lady Dameon's Scrolls

This is actually a very nice looking Janeway site, with J/C fanfic and a must-see "Janeway's Got a Gun" page (great pix of a well-armed Cap'n and a link to some very funny lyrics).
Pink Rabbit Consortium
A fandom site with a wonderful variety of f/f slash stories, including Xena, Alien Resurrection, and Trek.  A growing list of J/7 stories in "The Subtext Zone" and well worth the visit for a smattering of other delectable subtext. In addition, this site has a graphics section that rocks! I got some wonderful how-to's from the site owner for creating some of the artwork on my own site, but I still haven't mastered RabbitWorks' superb technique of "binary painting." Just go see it for yourselves.
MaryD's FanFiction Trekking Site
Lots of Trek f/f slash and general fanfic at this site.  Unfortunately, not all the stories are categorized, but for exceptional J/7 fare, check out the contributions by Diana Anderson (especially the very sweet tale "All I Can Taste"). Of course, MaryD is better known to f/f fanfic readers and writers as the site owner and operator of the Australian Xena Information Page, which is the place to go for any info on the Xenaverse. In fact, I have a keyboard hotkey to MaryD's main site.
Saffron's Site
This is really three sites in one and all reflecting a deep appreciation for Kate Mulgrew and her alter-ego, Kathryn Janeway.  Check out "Beyond J/C" if all you want is f/f fanfic (one J/7 story here), but this site has so much more to offer.


Jim Wright's Delta Blues Site

Great site with very detailed synopses of all the Voyager episodes.  Comes in handy if you need a plot refresher for a follow-up story and even a bit of dialogue.
Paramount's official Trek site.  Includes an extensive section on Voyager, with crew and episode information and some images and videos.


The Official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage

Excellent fan-operated site that is updated regularly.  This is a great link if you want to check out what Jeri's doing.

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