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Welcome to Delta Quadrant of Venus (DQV), a Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction site dedicated to J/7 stories -- that is to stories dealing with the relationship we all knew was simmering between Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager and her lovely blond Borg, Seven of Nine (formerly Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01). As fans know, Voyager ended its run in May, 2001, but some of us still have a few more stories to tell.

Please drop me a line if you like what you see, have suggestions for improvements, would like me to consider adding a link to a new J/7 site, want my philosophy regarding Fan Fiction (a.k.a., "Textual Poaching"), want to chat about the J/7 subtext, and/or if you want to find out where the title of this Web site comes from.  Otherwise, just feel free to lurk and remain anonymous.  Either way, my heartfelt thanks to those of you who are still stopping by for a visit.

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November 30, 2008
  • This site is no longer updated, but it has been moved to a new host . . . because you all asked to have it back.

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Stories by Tenderware (that's me! 13 stories so far) Commentaries (my occasional rants against TPTB! 2 so far)
Stories by EmptyFlask (my wonderful twin! 2 stories so far) Resources (for writers)
Stories by Otter (a talented friend! 3 stories and counting) Links (other places to visit when you're done here)
The Art Gallery (11 J/7 fanpix to date) What's Old? (a log of past site updates as of May 13, 2001)

FanFiction by Tenderware:  The place to find my contributions to stories about Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine.  It begins with my very first fanfic story ever, "Sensations," and ends with.....who knows?

The "Sustenance" Couplet (two stories....and that's it, I think)

Sustenance  -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Drama).  Another "first-encounter" story.  Rescued after weeks stranded on a desolate planet, Janeway tries to come to terms with what she and Seven were forced to do to survive. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted May 31, 1999.)
Adaptations: A Sequel to Sustenance -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Drama).  Their love helped Janeway and Seven survive several weeks on a desolate planet. Will it also sustain them now that they're back on Voyager and confronted by a crew that seems incapable of adapting to the captain's new relationship with the former Borg?  Warning: This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted February 6, 2000.)
The Standalone Stories
Sensations  -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy).  A "first-encounter" story.  Janeway's gratitude for Seven's birthday gift leads to some unexpected emotional repercussions. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted May 16, 1999.) 

Transported -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy).  Another "first-encounter" story.  A transporter mishap forces Janeway and Seven to get to know each other better than either of them ever expected.  Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted July 5, 1999.)

Bride of Arachnia -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy).  Another "first-encounter" story.  When Janeway returns as Queen Arachnia and tries to get Seven to loosen up by playing Constance Goodheart, they unwittingly uncover a seamier side to Paris's "Captain Proton" holodeck program. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted September 19 & 20, 1999.)

The Journey Home -- VOY J/7 PG-13 (Romance). A short first-kiss tale. After several years absence, Q returns to Voyager to make Janeway an offer. Lesbian theme but not sexually explicit. (Posted October 17, 1999.)

Rain -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Another "first-encounter" story. Janeway and Seven get caught in a downpour and become....very wet. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted October 29, 1999.)

Personal Time -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. Worried by Seven's request to be alone for a day, Janeway interrupts the young woman's personal time, with pleasantly surprising consequences for both. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted November 1, 1999.)

Scaring Seven: A Halloween Tale -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. Seven can't understand the allure of Halloween, so Janeway plays a trick on the former Borg to treat her to a few thrills and chills of her own. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted November 30, 1999.)

My One -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. After catching a glimpse of an erotic holo-image in Janeway's possession, Seven discovers the woman behind the captain..... and within herself. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted May 9, 2000.)

The Borg with Five Fingers -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Erotic Horror Comedy). Seven gets into a handful of trouble when her implant develops a mind of its own and has eyes only for Janeway. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted December 24, 2000.)

The Four-Pips Club -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Surprises are in store for Janeway when she discovers that Seven and about half the crew belong to a secret writing club featuring stories about the captain's love life. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted August 15, 2001.)

By Thirds -- VOY J/J/7 NC-17 (Romance). A first-time story. A menage-à-trois with a twist ensues after an accident separates the Starfleet-disciplined Captain Janeway from a surprisingly fun-loving Kathryn Janeway, who declares her true feelings for Seven of Nine and leaves the Borg feeling suddenly torn in her affections. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY. (Posted December 31, 2001.)

FanFiction by Close Personal Friends and Family:  The place for stories by some of my favorite people about two of my favorite characters.

Into My Arms  by EmptyFlask -- VOY J/7 NC-17:  A devastating injury, and Janeway's bedside manner, teach Seven much more about being human than she ever expected.  Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted May 22, 1999.)

The Birthday Wish  by EmptyFlask -- VOY J/7 NC-17:  A birthday wish helps to teach both Janeway and Seven the many meanings of intimacy. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted August 10, 1999.)

Perchance to Dream by Otter -- VOY J/7 NC-17: After reassuring the Doctor about his daydreams, Janeway begins to experience some disturbing fantasies of her own. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted January 30, 2000.)

The Play's the Thing by Otter -- VOY J/7 NC-17: When aliens decide to teach Voyager’s captain how to play, Janeway discovers a whole new side to Seven of Nine…and to herself. Warning:  This story is for ADULTS ONLY.  (Posted December 28, 2000.)

The Hunt by Otter -- VOY J/7 Uber PG-13: Some relationships are lived out as an eternal duel.....  Adult themes but not explicit.  (Posted May 13, 2001.)

The Art Gallery:  My place for J/7 fan art. Currently, I have two "galleries" open. In the "Romance Gallery," you'll find the more somber images depicting affectionate moments between Janeway and Seven. The "Pulp Art Gallery" houses images from my series parodying the cover art from the lesbian pulp fiction of the 50s and 60s.

Please Note:  My appropriation of Star Trek characters and of images of the actors portraying them is meant as a celebration of J/7 subtext. No disrespect is intended, and I hope none will be taken. I have produced and distributed this artwork for free and purely for the enjoyment of visitors to my site. This artwork isn't authorized or endorsed by Paramount, Kate Mulgrew, or Jeri Ryan. (Please refer to the disclaimers on the gallery pages for more information.)
The Romance Gallery
The Pulp Art Gallery
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Why NOT with Captain Janeway?:  The place to debate why a J/7 romance could and/or should happen (inspired by Jeri Ryan's comments to the contrary).  If you've posted your own thought-piece on this topic, please send me a link. With the addition of my Xena finale commentary, consider this the place to debate subtext, fan fiction, and things done by The Powers That Be.

J7.gifWhy NOT with Captain Janeway?:  My Rejoinder to Jeri Ryan, by Tenderware -- In this article, I respond to comments made by Jeri Ryan at Fedcon 7 (May 1999), where she categorically denied that Janeway and Seven would ever have a romantic relationship.  This is for J/7'ers everywhere:  a plea for "plausible open-endedness" and for more novel responses to the lesbian question.  (Posted May 22, 1999.)

Why Xena Should NOT Have Died: A Rejoinder to Rob Tapert, by Tenderware -- a critique of the series finale of Xena: Warrior Princess, which aired the week of June 18th, 2001. This is for all the subtext and other fans out there who were devastated by the finale. (Posted July 1, 2001.) Whoosh! published an undated version of my commentary in their September, 2001, issue.

J/7 FanFic Resources:  The place to get information about Janeway and Seven, get help regarding the canon (past Voyager episodes and the "pro-fic" stories), and find out more about the philosophy of fan fiction.  Link suggestions welcomed.

"The Janeway/Seven FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" -- This may be premature since I don't recall folks asking too many questions about J/7, except maybe "Why Not?" (see above).  But I'll be anticipating a couple of questions here and there and providing responses to them, and I welcome visitors to email more questions and suggestions.  In general, therefore, this page will be "under construction" for a while.


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This page is from the Delta Quadrant of Venus website. The site was originally hosted on AOL's hometown pages, which AOL shut down on October 31, 2008. The DQV site was resurrected and moved to this new home on November 30, 2008 because fans asked to have it back. Thank you for your continued interest in my stories. I'm truly touched. --T'ware

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